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Like her native Cuba’ Graciela Altamira is beautiful’ defiant’ passionate and constantly threatened with some kind of trouble. Far from her tropical home’ toiling in a New Jersey doll factory’ Graciela longs for the same happy ending that seems always to come in her beloved telenovelas a kiss powerful enough to erase the sins of her past and the haunting memory of her homeland.



What do you do when all your enemies are friends?

DANNY‚ despondent over the death of his parents‚ MARTHA‚ escaping an abusive relationship‚ and SEAN‚ mourning the death of a lover‚ wander through the seedier side of San Francisco’s nightlife. They meet by chance‚ and instantly connect. The threesome move into a posh loft located in San Francisco’s Chinatown‚ paid for by Danny’s enormous inheritance.

While enjoying the good life‚ the three become inseparable. Their bond is threatened when ALEX‚ Martha’s ex-husband shows up and convinces her to go back to Oakland with him. Sean gets a taste of Alex’s violent side when he has a confrontation with him.




12-year-old space fanatic‚ Adam Thomason‚ has always dreamed of one day going to Space Camp. When his acceptance letter arrives‚ his excitement quickly turns to frustration as he learns that his father’s collectibles shop‚ in their quiet town‚ is in deep financial trouble. The economy‚ you know. It sucks.

Across town‚ wacky prison escapee‚ Zeke Zucker‚ and his wild-ass‚ gum chewin’ Latina girlfriend Marta Sanchez have problems of their own. After springing Zeke from the roadside work detail‚ Marta struggles to shake the local cops who are in hot pursuit of their broken-down camper. It’s a nail-biting chase which ends in freedom for the duo… at least for now.



In the small‚ dusty‚ Mississippi town of Delta‚ Gran’ma Taylor leads the Delta Tabernacle Choir through their paces. Her granddaughter‚ Cece‚ helps out by assisting the piano playing Pastor‚ Billy Holden. Life in Delta hasn’t changed much over the years. Whatever people lack in material wealth‚ they more than make up for with community. After church on Sunday’s everyone usually spends the afternoon and evening at Granma Taylor’s rundown farmhouse. Everybody brings something to eat or drink and as the sun sets on this quiet rural town‚ so Blues and Gospel songs can be heard drifting up into the night sky.




In 1925‚ an eleven-year old girl tries to get into a pick-up baseball game‚ but is shunned by all the little boys. Dejected‚ she slinks away and when her father reinforces the boys’ prejudice‚ she breaks down and cries. This sad little girl is Jackie Mitchell. At the peak of her frustration with the "way it is"‚ Jackie befriends Dazzy Vance‚ an eccentrically colorful Major League Pitcher‚ who not only encourages Jackie‚ but actually teaches her to pitch! Before long‚ Jackie is striking out on her own‚ seeking to make her own mark as a pitcher.

After a brief‚ uncomfortable stint with a girl’s baseball team comprised of buxom bubbleheads showing off for their lecherous male admirers‚ Jackie finds work with a traveling carnival where guys line up to take their crack at hitting her devastating drop ball. Before long‚ Jackie’s success catches the attention of Joseph Engel‚ the owner of the Chattanooga Lookouts‚ and Jackie finds herself doing something she never could’ve imagined… signing a contract to play professional baseball!.



Imagine‚ if you will‚ a life in shades of black and gray‚ a life in which every day brings about the same personal struggles. Imagine a life where everyone turns to you for help‚ but no one offers to help in return. Imagine coping with lost love and fighting addiction. MITCH ARNETT doesn’t have to imagine. This is his life.




In late March of 1968 in Memphis‚ Tennessee‚ as Martin Luther King leads a march in support of striking sanitation workers‚ provocateurs in the crowd end up breaking storefront windows along the way. As the police close in‚ Martin Luther King is led away to safety. Before leaving Memphis‚ he meets with members of a local community group. He asks them to assist in monitoring his next march in Memphis.




SIDELINED‚ based on the book Conquering Life’s Curves‚ is the real life story of one man‚ well on his way to realizing his dreams‚ when a sudden detour spins his life out of control. Ed Hearn grew up with a gift for baseball. With the support of his family‚ that gift grew into a reality.On his graduation day from high school‚ Ed was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies‚ beginning a journey he had dreamed about his entire life.



The Frank Latino Justice Film Series:

"Dead Witness" and "Life…No Parole" are the first two films in a series of crime thrillers from novelist Frank Latino.

Even the best laid plans can go wrong. Carole Postem a smart‚ but rebellious teenager devises a plot to stage the kidnapping of her younger sister‚ Lisa‚ so that her wealthy father will pay a large ransom for the release of his younger daughter. Carole‚ together with her boyfriend‚ Jimmy‚ plans to take the money and run.

They bring Lisa to an abandoned shack hoping Lisa will go along with the plan. She refuses‚ forcing them to keep her captive. Arrangements are made for the ransom pickup. Carole’s father is desperate for the return of his younger daughter and will pay anything for her return.





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