Imagine, if you will, a life in shades of black and gray, a life in which every day brings about the same personal struggles. Imagine a life where everyone turns to you for help, but no one offers to help in return. Imagine coping with lost love and fighting addiction. Imagine, if you will…

MITCH ARNETT doesn't have to imagine. This is his life.

A psychiatrist and recovering alcoholic, Mitch awakes on his fiftieth birthday one minute before the alarm, and completely alone. This has been his routine since JULIE left on what was supposed to be their wedding day five years ago.

Now imagine Mitch's life becoming increasingly more complicated with each passing day. As Julie introduces herself back into his world, she reveals some news that changes him forever. And as Mitch grapples with the news, he learns a lot about life along the way. He learns how much a little color can add to a once black and gray existence. He learns that maybe there is someone to help him after all. He learns to try to forgive himself and others for past mistakes. Imagine, if you will…

Sometimes in life we get exactly what we aren't looking for…and exactly what we need.



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