SIDELINED, based on the book Conquering Life's Curves, is the real life story of one man, well on his way to realizing his dreams, when a sudden detour spins his life out of control. Ed Hearn grew up with a gift for baseball. With the support of his family, that gift grew into a reality. On his graduation day from high school, Ed was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies, beginning a journey he had dreamed about his entire life.

Life on the road in the minor leagues is bittersweet. For a young man straight out of high school, it's a battle of heartache and determination to make it to big leagues. From someone who has lived it, Sidelined visually takes us into the real life of a baseball player before the fame and fortune. Into the mischief and pranks, the losses and successes and the lifelong bonds built along the way. Ed had what it takes to persevere and reached crowning success as a member of the 1886 New York Mets championship team. Following that, he was signed as starting catcher for the Kansas City Royals. Finally, Hearn had established himself as a Major League ballplayer. His future looked bright. But you never know what challenges life has in store for you.

Suddenly, after finding the woman he loves and embarking on what should be the most successful period in his life, the fairy tale comes crashing down. His perfect world is shattered, beginning with a premature career-ending shoulder injury, then less than a year later, being faced with three life threatening conditions.

Sidelined from the game he so dearly loved, his will was put to the test. At times even doubting his own survival, Hearn had to draw upon his inner strength in order to conquer seemingly insurmountable odds. Many a man would simply give up, yet Ed Hearn remains a fighter. Hearn had to reevaluate what success really is. What makes a man is isn't the talent he is born with, it's what he does in his life. What he does for the people he loves. In his darkest moments, Hearn draws on his love of his family to guide him through troubled times.

More than just about baseball, with this inside look into game, SIDELINED is about character. It's a message of hope as Ed Hearn conquers and triumphs, renewing our faith in the power of the human spirit.



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