12-year-old space fanatic, Adam Thomason, has always dreamed of one day going to Space Camp. When his acceptance letter arrives, his excitement quickly turns to frustration as he learns that his father's collectibles shop, in their quiet town, is in deep financial trouble. The economy, you know. It sucks.

Across town, wacky prison escapee, Zeke Zucker, and his wild-ass, gum chewin' Latina girlfriend Marta Sanchez have problems of their own. After springing Zeke from the roadside work detail, Marta struggles to shake the local cops who are in hot pursuit of their broken-down camper. It's a nail-biting chase which ends in freedom for the duo… at least for now.

With Space Camp off the radar, Adam mopes but still he goes ahead with a scheduled sleepover with his best buddy, Anthony Garcia. To Anthony, any opportunity to spend the night at the "Enterprise," Adam's tricked-out backyard treehouse, is an event not to be missed. As timing would have it, Adam's 10-year-old sister Kylie, who constantly seeks her brother's acceptance as an equal, has made sleepover plans of her own with her friend Brandy, a Kylie wanna-be. All the sleepover arrangement are made while Adam's overly-distracted mom, Claire Thompson, attempts to juggle her newly adopted PTA responsibilities. And if PTA weren't enough, Claire finds out her Sleepwear home party is tonight, and not next week as her calendar shows. A frantically busy household to say the least, and to make matters worse, the new Mid-Western neighbors from down the street need a favor. Their sitter fell through and they need someone to watch Clark, their 12-year-old son who Adam and Anthony view as a total video game spaz from another planet.

Outside, Zeke and Marta cruise the quiet suburban streets and stumble upon the Sleepwear party in full-swing. They decide to drop in…after all, what better place to pull a heist than one loaded with half-drunken suburban moms buying silky pajamas. It isn't long before Adam discovers the escaped convict and his girlfriend, who they saw on TV, are in his house. He immediately sees the reward money as his ticket to Space Camp. While formulating plans to capture Zeke and Marta, the Boys are faced with Kylie and Brandy who want in on the action. The Girls are told to get lost, at which point they decide to capture the robbers themselves. A Boys versus Girls rivalry ensues with Zeke and Marta as the main prize.

Back inside the house, Marta's like a kid in a candy shop enjoying all the girliness of the Sleepwear party… while Zeke is busy upstairs casing the joint. Their initial plan of getting in-and-out suddenly changes when Zeke discovers that Adam's father, Andrew Thompson, just found some rare coins that will be sold in the morning to a dealer. With dollars signs in his eyes, Zeke announces that he and Marta will be spending the night, and they proceed to tie-up Mom and Dad, locking them in the attic. Having seen first-hand that Mom and Dad have lost the passion in their marriage, Marta sees their spending time alone in the attic as a good thing.

Looking to rid themselves of the Girls, the Boys set a trap and lure the Girls into the shed. With the Girls locked away, the Boys are free to begin their plan. Building a series of clever traps, they successfully lure Zeke inside the Enterprise and capture him. Meanwhile, the girls, who escaped the shed, as well as being temporarily captured by Zeke, go after Marta. The girls show incredible resilience and overpower Marta.

With Zeke and Marta captured, and Clark and Brandy separately watching guard over the prisoners, Adam, Anthony and Kylie hold a summit in the garage to hammer out how the reward money will be split. Back in the playhouse, Brandy gives Marta an impromptu brutal makeover, including a shaved eyebrow and smeared make-up that results in Marta escaping. At the same time, Zeke manages to free himself. Reunited, Zeke and Marta overtake the kids and lock them away in the car. With the kids finally out of the way once and for all, Zeke and Marta settle in for the night with a long awaited bubble bath and comfortable bed.

While tied up in the car, Adam learns about Dad's gold coins and what they mean to saving the family business. His motivation for capturing Zeke and Marta suddenly shifts from selfishly wanting the reward money for Space Camp, to doing what's right and saving the family business. With renewed purpose and determination, Adam inspires the all the kids to join forces. They work together to free themselves and prepare for the final takedown.

Upstairs, Zeke and Marta have turned in for the night. Marta sleeps soundly. Zeke, on the other hand, tosses and turns as his stomach rumbles. He should have listened to Marta's warning not to eat before bed. The kids sneak up on the bedroom, but their plan to surprise the sleeping duo is thwarted when Zeke rises from the bed and sleepwalks onto the second story window ledge. The mission now changes from capturing Zeke to saving him from breaking his neck. The Boys focus on Zeke while the Girls struggle to subdue Marta.

Zeke's problems go from bad to worse as he nearly falls to his death. Okay, maybe not death but we're talking some broken bones. Refusing to let Zeke fall, Adam launches a daring rescue that further complicates the situation. A rope meant to hold Zeke in place rockets him skyward like a catapult, landing Zeke high up on the rooftop…. perhaps the worst place an escaped convict with a fear of heights would want to be. As dawn approaches, the neighborhood awakens to the sound of sirens and commotion. Adam's continued attempts to help Zeke are thwarted when the bumbling, vengeful local sheriff, who had his gun use suspended, accidentally shoots Zeke with a paintball gun. Is it the end for Zeke? Let's just say the outrageously wild climactic scene eventually leads to Zeke's capture and Marta's eventual escape.

It was the sleepover to end all sleepovers… and one that changed the lives of all involved. Oh, and Adam… he did eventually get to go to Space Camp. And so did Kylie, who finally gained acceptance from her brother. And as for Mom and Dad? The night alone in the attic reinvigorated their marriage. Clark discovered a world exists outside of video games. Brandy, on the other hand, learned she could stop being a follower and start becoming a leader. As for Zeke and Marta, it wasn't the ending they had planned for but hey, they did get to spend time together, even if it was short-lived in a quiet suburban kid infested neighborhood sorta way.



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