Like her native Cuba, Graciela Altamira is beautiful, defiant, passionate and constantly threatened with some kind of trouble.

Far from her tropical home, toiling in a New Jersey doll factory, Graciela longs for the same happy ending that seems always to come in her beloved telenovelas - a kiss powerful enough to erase the sins of her past and the haunting memory of her homeland.

But how can she forget when she lives among the ghosts of that little Cuban town? With Caridad and Imperio - two women Graciela has known since girlhood - by her side in the factory, it seems she'll never be free of her past, never truly able to pursue the possibility of love she finds quiet unexpectedly in the cold, gray New Jersey winter.

"Tomorrow they will Kiss" is as irresistible as gossip, as addictive as a soap opera and a tale of love pursued at any cost, of how friendship and history unite us for better or worse, and of the hope for that redemptive kiss capable of reconciling estranged lovers and countries.



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