The Frank Latino Justice Film Series:

Dead Witness

Even the best laid plans can go wrong. Carole Postem a smart‚ but rebellious teenager devises a plot to stage the kidnapping of her younger sister‚ Lisa‚ so that her wealthy father will pay a large ransom for the release of his younger daughter. Carole‚ together with her boyfriend‚ Jimmy‚ plans to take the money and run. They bring Lisa to an abandoned shack hoping Lisa will go along with the plan. She refuses‚ forcing them to keep her captive. Arrangements are made for the ransom pickup. Carole’s father is desperate for the return of his younger daughter and will pay anything for her return.

All goes according to plan until the money drop. The drop goes bad when Carole’s father decides to confront Jimmy. The confrontation spins out of control. Jimmy grabs the father’s gun hand they fight Jimmy reveals that Carole planned the whole evil scheme. Jimmy fatally stabs the father and he runs away with the money.

The police come to the father’s home‚ and inform Carole’s mother of the father’s murder. Carole is shocked when she realizes something went awry and her father is now dead. She meets Jimmy at the shack and realizes that Lisa knows everything. Now she knows she must kill both Jimmy and Lisa‚ so that she will not be implicated in her father’s murder!. She drugs them both‚ carefully sets up the scene and burns the shack down. The police are suspicious of Carole‚ but they have no concrete evidence to arrest her.

Jimmy’s brother‚ just released from prison discovers clues about the kidnapping. Jimmy tries to blackmail Carole. Carole murders him and Lisa,On "Life...No Parole!" ‚ again leaving no evidence.

Unable to stop her path of destruction‚ Carole fears her Mother is growing close to learning the truth. Carole carefully sets this scene to show that her mother ’commits suicide’.

The police are frustrated‚ believing that Carole is very much involved in the murders‚ but they cannot prove it. They resign themselves to the fact that Carole will get away with murder and close the case!. Just when it seems justice will never be served‚ new evidence comes to light. The police now have a witness a DEAD WITNESS!.

Life...No Parole!

Two detectives‚ Joe and Brian‚ are investigating a vicious murder of the wife‚ daughter and son of the Peterson family. The mother and her two children had their eyes gouged and a cross cut over each eye.

During their investigation‚ with the notoriety of the media‚ it becomes apparent that there have been a number of similar murders that have been happening for years. The detectives look up these past murders. Although they assemble some unrelated clues‚ they cannot come up with any pattern.

The media dubs the serial killer. "The double cross killer". In an attempt to draw the killer out‚ Joe freely gives interviews with the media‚ trying to antagonize the Killer.

Joe’s comments to the media turn to tragedy when the killer breaks into Joe’s home. He kills Joe’s daughter’s boyfriend‚ then goes after Joe’s wife and daughter. They hide‚ and the killer searches for them. As he closes in on them‚ Joe’s mother in law arrives and becomes the tragic victim.

There is another murder of Tom Morvane’s family. The police arrest Hector‚ who is driving Mr.Morvane’s car‚ filled with property taken from the Morvane’s home. Hector is brought to trial. Through legal trickery‚ he is found not guilty of the murders‚ but gets a small sentence for stealing the car. Every one still thinks that Hector is guilty. When reporters ask Mr.Morvane what Hector really deserved‚ he said that Hector should have gotten‚"Life…No Parole!".

Mr.Morvane‚ totally despondent‚ becomes a recluse. He’s disappointed in the justice system and decides to take matters in his own hands. He kidnaps
Hector and holds him prisoner.

Mr.Morvane is watching T.V.s "Breaking News Announcement…" "THE DOUBLE CROSS KILLER IS DEAD!" THE KILLER HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED CONCLUSIVELY‚ he was deranged from boyhood‚ when he was taunted by school mates‚ and HE WAS KILLED IN A CAR CRASH TRYING TO ESCAPE!. Mr.Morvane is really shocked and full of remorse. He releases Hector from his cell.

He apologizes profusely to Hector. He explains that he was so sure that Hector killed his wife and children that he wanted to imprison him. He promises Hector that he will make it up to him. Hector overpowers Mr.Morvane. Hector now has Mr.Morvane as his prisoner and servant. He starts to sell all the man’s antiques and cashes checks that he forces Mr.Morvane to sign. Hector taunts Morvane‚ with descriptive facts of how he really did kill Morvane’s wife and children. He made it look like ANOTHER MURDER by the Double cross killer. Mr.Morvane tries to escape. Hector breaks Mr.Morvane’s leg. Mr.Morvane now asks for a cane so that he can get around to serve Hector. Unbeknownst to Hector‚the cane houses a sword which Mr.Morvane now uses to his advantage. Hector wrestles the sword from Morvane. BOTH MEN ARE FATALLY STABBED.



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