In the small, dusty, Mississippi town of Delta, Gran'ma Taylor leads the Delta Tabernacle Choir through their paces. Her granddaughter, Cece, helps out by assisting the piano playing Pastor, Billy Holden.

Life in Delta hasn't changed much over the years. Whatever people lack in material wealth, they more than make up for with community. After church on Sunday's, everyone usually spends the afternoon and evening at Gran'ma Taylor's rundown farmhouse. Everybody brings something to eat or drink and as the sun sets on this quiet rural town, so Blues and Gospel songs can be heard drifting up into the night sky.

Billy wants to renovate the church, but knows that it will take a miracle to find the money. This comes in the form of Cece, who tells him about the annual Verizon competition to find the best Gospel Choir in America. She convinces him to send in a demo and much to their surprise, they are allocated a place in the talent show, to be held in Memphis. The news sends a ripple of excitement though the community and rehearsals begin in earnest.

As the lead singer with the choir, what Gran'ma Taylor lacks in ability, she more than makes up for in sheer enthusiasm. However, she is prideful and believes that she is on par with her heroin, Aretha Franklin, and, therefore, the best singer in Delta. As the competition draws near, Billy knows that in order for the choir to have even the slightest chance, he must convince the most gifted singer he has ever heard, to lead the choir; Cece. Unfortunately, no one, except for Billy, has ever heard her sing. She has hidden her gift from the one person that she loves the most, Gran'ma Taylor, because she has never wanted to embarrass her.

The day arrives and the Delta Tabernacle Choir climb aboard their old, spluttering school bus and head for the first round of the competition. Much to Billy's surprise, they win and with the $10,000 check safely in the bank, they head home to rehearse for the finals, being held at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta. However, as life often teaches, expect the unexpected. An official letter arrives requesting a DNA test for Cece. There had been a fire at the hospital when she was born and the State wants to make sure that Gran'ma Taylor is her legitimate kin. And to make matters worse, much to everyone's horror, on the night of the finals, Gran'ma Taylor loses her voice. Will Cece step to the plate and save the day? Will the judges disqualify them? Will the Delta Tabernacle Choir win?



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