Brad Wilson - Vice President - Development and Production

In 1985, after sixteen years in radio broadcasting in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area,

Brad Wilson moved to New York 1985 to operate actor ROBERT DUVALL’S PRODUCTION COMPANY.

This began an eleven year alliance with Duvall encompassing eighteen feature films, among them: "COLORS" with Sean Penn, "DAYS OF THUNDER" with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, "FALLING DOWN" with Michael Douglas and the critically acclaimed "WRESTLING EARNEST HEMINGWAY" with Richard Harris and Shirley MacLaine.

Wilson also worked with Duvall on some of his most memorable television roles, including the CBS miniseries "LONESOME DOVE" and the HBO epic "STALIN” shot in location in Moscow, for which Duvall won the Golden Globe for Best Actor.

In 1992 Wilson and Duvall decided to expand the scope of their production company by bolstering project development and broadening Duvall's role to include directing and producing.

The formation of "BUTCHERS RUN FILMS” was announced the following June with offices in Hollywood and Wilson as the company's Vice President of Development and Production. Wilson became the creative force behind the initiation, development, packaging and production of their theatrical motion pictures. The significance of the forty years of movie making experience between them proved effective and soon they had compiled a formidable slate of potential projects.

After only two months, the company had closed a deal with United Artists to make “A FAMILY THING " based on an original idea from Duvall and scripted by Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton and Tom Epperson. The film was released in February 1996 and Wilson was awarded a Humanitas Certificate for his work as co-producer on the movie.

Mr. Wilson acquired the rights to "EICHMANN IN MY HANDS," based on the highly acclaimed autobiography by Peter Malkin. After Wilson sold the idea of the story about the Israeli agent who captured the chief Nazi executioner under Hitler, Emmy winner Lionel Chetwynd was hired to write the script "THE MAN WHO CAPTURED EICHMANN," which aired on TNT in 1996 with Duvall as Adolph Eichmann.

Duvall's "THE APOSTLE," developed by Wilson, went into production in 1997 and was released the following year. The critically acclaimed film received numerous awards, including an Academy Award acting nomination for Duvall.

In December of 1995, Mr. Wilson left BUTCHERS RUN FILMS to become Vice President of Production of "GREYSTONE FILMS", a newly formed division of GREYSTONE COMMUNICATIONS, which had been enjoying tremendous success in television production.

After developing a variety of theatrical and made for television films at GREYSTONE, Wilson produced their first feature production, "LUNKER LAKE." This family film inspired the creation of "INSIDE OUTDOORS," a weekly television show for TNN, on which Wilson served as Executive Producer.

Wilson was responsible for teaming GREYSTONE with the Dutch production company, SHOOTING STAR, as co-producer's of the film "LEFT LUGGAGE." Jeroen Krabbe's directorial debut starred Isabella Rossellini and Academy Award winner Maximilian Schell. Mr. Wilson served as Co-Executive Producer on the film, which premiered at the 1998 Berlin Film Festival, returning home with four honors.

Mr. Wilson currently serves as Vice President of Development and Production as well as a producing partner for HEMISPHERE ENTERTAINMENT, a Hollywood California based independent production company established in 1990.

"DON’T LET GO” a film based on an idea by Wilson which he produced, was shot on location in Porterville, California in the summer of 2000 and stars Academy Award nominee Katharine Ross. Wilson produced, “THE GHOST CLUB” a family film shot on location in South Carolina and released in December 2003, and the suspense thriller “ACADEMY OF TERROR” shot in and around Los Angeles, was released in 2006. The family film “UNDERCOVER KIDS” was released in 2004. "THE GRIFT" starring John Savage and Billy Burke, "SET APART" staring Richard Roundtree and John Schneider,“ and "CLOUSURE: THE PROBLEM WITH MONEY" are the latset films to produced by Mr. Wilson and will all be released in 2008. .

His films have won awards at the Berlin Film Festival, The America Cinema Foundation, The Chicago Film Critics Association, Emden International Film Festival, Nederlands Film Festival, Westchester New York International Film Festival, Stony Brook Film Festival and The Santa Clarita International Film Festival.

Mr. Wilson is a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

He currently lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and their two daughters.



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