Ralph Portillo - President

Ralph Portillo began his film career as an assistant editor while attending University to earn his Masters degree in International Business.

He later became a first assistant director working in film and network television, eventually following his dream to direct.

His first directorial endeavor was the western “RIO DE ORO” which was originally shot in the late eighties and re-released in 1997.

In 1987, Nobel Peace Prize recipient and great humanitarian Dr. Albert Schweitzer, was the subject of the critical acclaimed documentary, “THE SPIRIT OF ALBERT SCHWITZER,” which Mr. Portillo directed. The film was chosen finalist in the Best Documentary category at the New York Film Festival as well as winning Honorable Mention at the prestigious Cindy Awards.

In 1990, the formation of "HEMISPHERE ENTERTAINMENT” was announced with offices in Hollywood with Portillo as the company's founder and President. Mr. Portillo became the creative force behind the initiation, development, packaging and production of their theatrical, network and cable motion pictures. The significance of the earlier years of movie making experiences as an editor and first assistant director as well as an International Business Degree proved effective and soon he and co-founder Jamie Elliott had compiled a formidable slate of potential projects. This began an alliance that is still going strong encompassing numerous feature length films to date.

Mr. Portillo has directed many of Hemisphere’s films including “BROKEN TRUST” starring Golden Globe nominee Edward Albert and Nick Cassavetes, “LONG WAY BACK” starring Academy Award nominee Robert Forster and Joe Estevez and “FEVER LAKE” starring Corey Haim and Bo Hopkins.

His family film “THE LAST GREAT RIDE” starring Academy Award winner Ernest Borgnine and Eileen Brennan has achieved success in all international markets as well as successful runs on HBO, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX, STARZ-ENCORE, HBO FAMILY and on airlines and video releases. “BIG BROTHER TROUBLE” directed by Mr. Portillo and starring Dick van Patten, Mario Lopez and Melanie Chartoff made its U.S. cable debut on SHOWTIME.

In addition, the suspense thriller “BLOODY MURDER” which Mr. Portillo directed was sold to Artisan Entertainment and to date has sold over 600,000 Video and DVD copies. He also directed Golden Globe nominee Steven Bauer and Shannon Tweed in the thriller “NAKED LIES” which enjoyed a successful worldwide release through Columbia Tri-Star.

“THE GHOST CLUB” a spirited family film in which Mr. Portillo directed starred newcomer Brittany Robertson and was shot on location in South Carolina. The film was released in December 2003. The suspense thriller “ACADEMY OF TERROR,” was shot in and around the Los Angeles area and was released in 2006.

In December of 2003 Mr. Portillo directed the family film “UNDERCOVER KIDS” written by children’s book author Gibbs Davis and well known novelist Charles Salzberg. "THE GRIFT" starring John Savage and Billy Burke, "SET APART" staring Richard Roundtree and John Schneider,“ and "CLOUSURE: THE PROBLEM WITH MONEY" are the latset films to be directed by Mr. Portillo and will all be released in 2008.

Mr. Portillo’s films have won awards at the New York Film Festival, Worldfest Houston, The Flagstaff International Film Festival, The Charleston International Film Festival, The Santa Clarita International Film Festival and a prestigious Cindy Award.

In addition to his director duties, Mr. Portillo serves as producer on all HEMISPHERE films such as the thriller “BARE WITNESS” starring Daniel Baldwin and Angie Everhart which is enjoying successful worldwide distribution through Columbia Tri-Star as well as the soon to be released drama “DON’T LET GO” starring Academy Award nominee Katharine Ross which recently took home awards at The Westchester International Film Festival and the Stony Brook Film Festival.

Slated for Mr. Portillo to direct is the edgy, Gen-X thriller “4 AM IN CHINATOWN” which is beginning to attract major name actors who are looking for great character roles such as this project presents.

Mr. Portillo is a member of the Directors Guild of America and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

He and his wife currently live in Los Angeles, California.



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